Entanglement is the second album by solo artist Jessica Moss. On her newest record, the violinist, composer and singer channels quantum theory as a metaphor for creating energetic connections through esoteric processes. Using violin (and occasionally, voice) as sound source, her compositions are set in motion like entangled particles – spinning, ricocheting, warping and stretching in extra-dimensional space.
Profoundly informed by the experiences of traveling alone – playing in precarious spaces preserved by passionate subcultural communities, attempting fragile, intimate, abstract transmissions through sound and performance – Moss’s new music on Entanglement invokes the striving for communication/connection in isolation, the mysterious energies that bind the singular and the universal, and the indomitably terrestrial energies that bring micro-communities of people together to partake sustainably and attentively in human-scale shared experiences. This is long-attention-span music that wonderfully synthesises form and substance, spit and polish, austerity and lushness, expansiveness and intimacy. Entanglement is a deeply felt and deeply rewarding work that testifies to the unique stylistic and textural space Moss is carving out in the contemporary/New Music continuum. 



Release date: 26 October, 2018
Constellaton Records
180gLP • CD • Digital


Listen to ‘Particles (Edit)’


Watch ‘Fractals (Truth 4)’




Side One
01. Particles
Side Two
02. Fractals (Truth 1)
03. Fractals (Truth 2)
04. Fractals (Truth 3)
05. Fractals (Truth 4)

Release date: October 26, 2018
Running time: 43:21


Pools of Light


Side One
01. Entire Populations (Pt I)
02. Entire Populations (Pt II)
03. Entire Populations (Pt III)
04. Entire Populations (Pt IV)
Side Two
05. Glaciers I (Pt I)
06. Glaciers I (Pt II)
07. Glaciers II (Pt I)
08. Glaciers II (Pt II)

Release date: May 05, 2017 
Running time: 48:34 


UNDER Plastic Island


01. Plastic Island
02. Under

Release date: October 12, 2015
Running time: 45:27